Monday, August 28, 2006

Red Umbrellas

First things first.

I’m not really a baseball fan but……..a big Wooooo Hooooo for the team from Columbus, Georgia on their big win over Japan in the Little League World Series!!!!!!!

Ahem, now then.

This morning, as I was looking out my apartment window with a fresh, hot cup of coffee in my hands, I saw an interesting site; red umbrellas. I should say that it was not just the site of red umbrellas that mesmerized me, it was the odd staggering effect of the arrangement of them that did it. This morning started with a nice steady rain that was just hard enough for the sea of umbrellas to make their way up and down the street in predictable fashion. Now I don’t know if it became suddenly vogue to have bright red umbrellas, but there seemed to be more than a few floating down below my window this morning. Here’s the odd thing; about every 4th umbrella was red and they were staggered left-right-left-right and so on. It made this weird zipper effect if you will. I was going to take a digital shot of it to post on my blog, but by the time I found the camera it was too late and they had all dispersed to where ever they were dispersing to.
Oh, well. Note to self; keep camera where easily accessible.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Yep, I'm an addict.

I’m going to admit to something that might shock some of my friends….

I’m a Hold-em poker addict. I love watching the World Series of poker and the Professional poker tour shows on TV. I think Annie Duke and Jennifer Harman are really good, but there has not been a female that can really hang with the big boys of poker yet.

Some of my favorites to watch are……

Daniel Negreanu – Love this guy. He’s cute and knows how to talk to the players. He’s the best player reader out there.

Phil Ivey – He’s got that quiet resolve and eye movement that fascinates me. Also a very good player reader.

Doyle Brunson – They say he is the granddaddy of poker. He can play almost anything and make the other players think he’s got pocket aces.

Sammy Farha – He’s just plain cool. Quiet when he needs to be but doesn’t take crap from no one.

Annie Duke – Between her and Jennifer Harman, the best females in poker.

Jennifer Harman – See above.

Hoyt Corkins – I have a weakness for men in black cowboy hats.

Those are just a few of the players I follow. I like playing on-line, but I really want to play for real money.

I think I could do it.

Lol……I bet that’s what they all say right before they lose their savings…….

Abbie's Road

I have read many, many blogs and I am quite sure that most people are sincere and passionate about what they write. Some blogs are all political. Some are all religious. Some blogs are all about everything.

I think that’s how this one is going to end up. I don’t want to let this blog become a sole purposed, one way outlet for something that will always be the same. Politics; always the same. Religion; always the same. That is not to say that I won’t give my opinion on such matters, but I want this blog to be about my life and the people I run into on a daily basis (and I run into some characters in my real world).

I work in advertising for a good size agency in New York. The clients we cater to range from individuals to mega-firms and everything in between.

Abbie’s Road will be a journey down the path of life I see everyday.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Help with blogger

I need help in getting my photo from my profile onto the main page.

Can anyone help?